Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning
At A and B Carpet NY our cleaning facility is specially tailored to clean the smallest to the largest area rugs, from 2ft by 3ft to 20ft by 30ft and in between. We are rated #1 with our customers in area rug cleaning and repairing services since 1980. Our services include a pre-wash, rinsing, cleaning, spot and stain remover, deodorizer, sanitizer and fiber protector (depending on what cleaning method you choose). We can get out red wine, coffee, tea, blood, soy sauce, ketchup, mustard, water and fire damage and many other stains and issues. We clean all rugs like Persian, Oriental, Moroccan, Dhurrie, Indian, Afghani, Pakistani, Flokati, Shag and all others. Fringe cleaning is included in all area rug cleaning methods.

Antique Rug Wash

Rug Washing
We take pride in our Antique Rug Washing system. Typically it takes anywhere between 5-7 days for an Antique Rug to be thoroughly washed because the process is very delicate. We initially check for signs of any moth, beetle or bed bug issues. If we find any problems that our technician did not write on your work order, we will contact you and discuss it with you and what we should do to eliminate this issue. We do an opening inspection, dust removal, scrubbing, deodorize, sanitize, rinsing, fringe cleaning/bleaching (if any), drying and then final inspection. The Antique Rug will then be wrapped in paper or plastic and delivered back.

Rug Steam Cleaning

Area Rug Steam Cleaning
We have special Steam Cleaning equipment to clean area rugs. Cleaning can be done on site or at our extensive cleaning facility. We Steam Clean woven braided, handmade, knotted, wool sisal, frieze, cotton, rag and many others. Steam Cleaning specially created for rugs that have a minimal amount of stains and are maintained at least twice a year with professional cleaning. You will get a much better result if you allow us to pick-up, clean and deliver your area rug. It takes about 3-5 days (in most cases) until delivery. This service not recommended for Antique rugs and rugs that suffered any water or fire damage.

Deep Cleaning

Oriental Rug Deep Cleaning
A and B Carpet NY also know that every rug cleaning condition is exclusive. That’s why we offer our Deep Cleaning services. This service is a deep down, thorough cleaning with non-toxic but powerful cleaning fluids to get out 99% of stains, spots, and spills. Our cleaning specialists use our extremely efficient water extraction method to remove ground in dirt and remains that may or may not be visible. This cleaning takes longer than regular cleaning. This cleaning is recommended for very high traffic areas with significant soil.

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