Area Rug Repairs

area rug repairs brooklyn
Worn rug ends are one of the most common rug repairs, as edges receive a lot of use from foot traffic. That’s when you have the option of binding or surging the edges.  This word speaks of to the way the rug are edged-close. In hand made rugs, surging is performed with a single thread in a looping pattern. Machine made rugs will use a surge, or binding tape is sewn to finish the edges as this is a faster and easier way to finish rug's edges. Because surging done by hand, this is a time-consuming repair. This service is done in our facility by us. When area rugs lose their form or wrinkle it is wise to have them blocked (which just means stretching) leveling pressure at the base of the rug. Blocking restores a rug's shape; this also will smooth out creases. If it is a high-piled rug it needs to be blocked and we will shear it as well; the rug will not be damaged from any of these services.

Rug Dyeing

Rug Dyeing services in brooklyn
We dye all rugs. Rugs are dyed off site because the dyeing process is so precise it must be taken to our facility. We dye bleach stains, rust stains, dark spots, red spots, sun fading, wood furniture marks and most other spots. A price can never be issued for this type of service unless our dyeing expert inspects it. All dyeing products are non-toxic and odorless. Area rugs will minor dyeing issues will take about 2 weeks; other more intense dyeing issues could take much longer. When the area rug is inspected, the expert will let you know when to expect your area rug back.

Bind & Fringe Repairs

Rug Fringe Repair Brooklyn
We offer a complete rug binding and fringing service. From 2” polyester binding, Instabind, Leather Binding, Wide Fabric Binding, Tapestry Binding and so many others in all colors, from white to black and all colors in between. All area rug fringe and binding repair services are done in our facility by us; we do not subcontract any service. We have a sample book so you can choose from whatever sort of binding type and color you like. We also offer a wide variety of rug fringe including, Cotton, Wool and Silk, in white, beige, brown and green colors, again, this service is done in our facility by us.

Cutting & Latex Repair

Rug cuttting and Latex application in Brooklyn
We cut and latex all rugs. Rugs are cut to match the shape of any room, hallway or steps. We do either manual or electric cutting, depending on the situation at hand.  Any debris left after the rug has been cut we will dispose of. Rugs are cut on site where area rugs are done off site. We latex all rugs before performing repairs on them. We do this to keep the edges durable enough to work with.

Binding or fringes would not be properly secure without latex. Of course, our latex is non-toxic and odorless.

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